Eating habits in Hungary

You must have heard about our eating habits. If you like exciting and rich foods then you shouldn’t miss trying them. Consequently, we give you some useful advice on what you definitely have to taste.
When on a wine tour, you have to try the slightly salted bread and lard with onion and spread with some paprika powder.
Do you like authentic atmosphere and tastes?

You have to see a real Hungarian pig killing where you can taste some sausage, white and black puddings, greaves and stuffed cabbage. But never forget to roll down one or two shots of plum schnapps beforehand.  besides the gastronomic experiences you can get an insight in the kitchen procedures as well which is, however, a real responsibility but many consider them entertainment, tradition rather than work.
Our basic ingredients, which you can find in most of our foods:

  1. Lard (some researches stated that despite other rumours, it is healthier than vegetable oil but let everyone decide which opinion they want to believe)
  2. Onion, red, yellow, garlic, leek in all quantities. Red paprika powder (of Szeged is the best-known)
  3.  Sweet (!) cottage cheese. We use it mainly in sweet bakery products, it can be a rich breakfast.
  4. Chitterlings
  5. Bread
  6. Bacon (A typical product of pig killings, you can’t eat it on the spot because it is a product which is produced with long term salting and smoking procedures)

Never hesitate to taste the Hungarian tastes and I guarantee you that it will be the most exciting gastro journey of your life.