How long do you plan to stay in Hungary? For a longer period of time?

  • Are you a tourist and would like to experience the Hungarian lifestyle?
  • Are you on business in Hungary?
  • Are you a student and would like to study in Hungary?

Whatever your purpose is in Hungary we can help you with our special offers. Our colleagues will inform you about the details via e-mail, telephone, Skype, Whatsup or Viber.
There are ones who think that they should buy a car when staying in a country for a longer period of time.
We don’t recommend it to you.

Buying a car is risky because you have to maintain it and when, finally, you would like to sell it, it takes money and time as well.
Then should we talk about the regular car rental? No, we shouldn’t sine it is not at all the same if you want to rent a car for 3-4 days, for 1-2 weeks or even for months.
This way we have a special offer for you. Contact us via e-mail, telephone, Skype, Whatsup or Viber.

Are you going to stay not for 1-2 months or for 1 or more years?

No problem.
However long your stay is, we can give you a car.

Our informative prices can be found on our webpage, however, I strongly advise you that you should contact us so that we can be aware of your needs, that is, what car you need, for how long and, this way, we can give you our special offer.
We are looking forward to your call.