You are a company of friends or you have a lot of luggage?

You should rent a bigger, 7-passenger vehicle than smaller ones. A bigger car offers a more comfortable journey and petrol consumption is less than if you rent two smaller cars.
A 7-passenger vehicle is also a practical choice if you are four or five of you but have a lot of luggage since in such cars a bigger luggage space is unused because of the folding seats which add to the area of the luggage space.

Don’t worry! You can drive these minivans with a “B” category driving licence and since they are easy to drive: you don’t need more driving experience than for a regular car.
If you need more help in the selection of the car, never hesitate to call our colleagues who will help you.
You can call us via e-mail, telephone, Skype, Whatsup and Viber.

Reserve your car in advance.
Never leave it to chance, you should reserve the car you wish to rent at least 2 – 3 before your departure so that it be at your disposal for sure. (You wouldn’t like to look for accommodation upon arrival, would you?  )
If you reserve your car in advance it has some advantages, for example, you don’t have to worry about the transfer to the city but you can use our service that is we will be waiting for you with the car you selected at the airport when you arrive.
When you go back home your journey will be the same comfortable because you can give back the rented car at the airport, this way, you can get to the airport in the most comfortable way possible.

How would you like to pay?

When you reserve your car in advance then you can transfer thee fee or you may as well pay in cash:
If you haven’t exchanged Hungarian forints then it is not at all a problem for us because we accept euro, USD or GBP too.
What cars do we offer if you want to rent a 7-passenger vehicle

  1. Mercedes Vito 7 passenger vehicle (passenger minivan),
  2. Seat Alhambra, 7 passenger vehicle (passenger minivan),
  3.  Ford Galaxy 7 passenger vehicle (passenger minivan).

Should you choose any of our vehicles you will get a friendly service and reliable car with several EXTRAS which are included in the BASIC PRICE so without any additional costs . 
We are waiting for your call; we are at your service.