Car Delivery in Budapest

We deliver your rental car in the following districts of Budapest according to your needs, with a one-time 20 Euro fee.
It possible to
I. district
II. district
III. district
XII. district
At this price we bring and  you can pick the chosen car.
We deliver all the rented car, in a state of immaculate condition, with a full tank, with a national track record.
Optional accessories
· Snow chains
· Roof box. 
You need to sign for our officer!
The aforementioned accessories are free on the car when you receive it.
Weekend delivery is available at 20 Euro
Rental car categories
· Small cars for 2-3 people with luggage.
· Lower middle class cars for 3-4 persons with luggage.
· Medium-sized cars for 4-5 people with packages.
· Convertible cars with luggage for 5 + 2 persons.
· Minibuses for 7 persons with bags.
Car insurance deposit is 300 or 600 Euro. When the rental is completed, the depsosit will be returned to you immediately
Our rented cars are covered with KGFB (basic) and Casco insurance, which protects you and the landlord in case of any problems.
The daily rental fee for our rented cars is included at 300 km. (This means 3000 km for 10 days of rental.) Over this, we charge 20 HUF / km.
Payment options
· Cash on site
· On-site currency at daily rates
· Reference
· Card payment, at the airport, exept American cards.
· PayPal
It is indispensable for renting a car
· Valid personal documents
· Driving license
· Passport
· address card
Foreign nationals are required to have the same documents available on car rentals.
Car Rental Rates
From 20 Euro / day to 40 Euro / day (13 different types of cars. Click here to see our rental car offers.
These prices are reduced in proportion to the number of days.
More information about renting our cars in the site.
Vehicle recapture
You can pick our cars in Budapest, either at Budapest Airport. If you have rented our car rented to your home, you can have your car at home here.
During retrieving, our officer checks the fuel tank recovery and records it in the contract.
The termination of the contract will be effected by signing you, confirming that you have returned the deposit paid in full.
Our contract avaiable in German and English tongue.
In case you need more information, call this phone number: +36 20 5886488
Car rental in Budapest, economically, for you!
You can ask us all about the rental issue at +36 20 5886488.
In case you know what car you like to rent, you can do it online, conveniently with the booking.
Delivery is possible just from 8 am to 8 pm.
The exact address and availability is indispensable for the delivery of the rental car.
The airport delivery is fixed at HUF 5,000. Airport shipment is available from 6am to midnight.
We are trying to resolve all requested shipments, but occasionally we do not have enough capacity to do so, so please understand them.
Many Thanks!