Manual transmission cars

Manual transmission cars Should I rent a manual transmission car or a vending machine? Which is the better fueled car? Is it really better to drive a manual transmission car? These are common car questions and are difficult to answer. From a practical point of view, a relatively cheap price coupled with reliability is important when renting a car. Car rentals choose many manual transmission cars to choose from for the simple reason that they can be bought cheaper, making it cheaper to rent, and the renter has to pay less per diem when renting.

Is an automatic transmission car expensive?

If someone buys a car with an automatic transmission, they will lose a lot of the value of the car on the day of purchase, simply by starting to use it, and so it is no longer a new car, but a used one. Automatic transmissions must be handled and maintained carefully, and the transmission oil must be expensive and must be changed in relatively short periods, along with the filter.

Drivers accustomed to a mechanical transmission often grab the car with the clutch, such as when having to stop on an incline due to a line of cars that slowly sweeps forward. The clutch is usually slid in this case, which is not very happy about it, the automatic transmission car also does not like to roll up very slowly uphill.

The advantage of manual transmission

One of the great advantages of manual transmission cars is that they are easy to learn to use, and if you know the performance and movement of the car, it can be used quite sparingly, even with a mechanical manual transmission.

How It Works?

The transmission mechanism is simple, the large gears give stronger torque at start-up, the car starts nicely at lower revs, and then when the torque turns the wheel more easily and the car gets momentum, smaller, faster gear gears follow, which speeds up the wheel rotation. Thus, the load on the motor will be roughly even, accelerating when switching on and slowing down when switching back on.

This makes the automatic transmission too, but with the help of various sensors and gears, try to set the optimum torque and consumption.

This does not work perfectly for all car types, there are times when it is at the expense of dynamics, although the machine has a good effect on consumption, especially offsets the impatience of "heavy" drivers, at a green light from the line. So the acceleration is not so strong in these vehicles, although a definite pressure on the accelerator pedal has a stimulating effect on the control.

One of the great benefits of manual transmissions is that we can drive according to our own style, even if it’s not always economical, it’s not always elegant. When overtaking, a manual transmission car with power reserves is easier to accelerate and engage for overtaking than an automatic car. Now, obviously, you don't have to think about sports cars here, because they have a manual or computer-controlled mechanical-automatic transmission that can sway in a very power way if the situation so requires.

Shift repair

The most common repair of manual transmissions when a worn clutch disc is usually replaced with the release bearing is not a very expensive operation, 2-7% of the value of the car. If the clutch breaks down in an automatic car, it is not uncommon for 10 or 20% of the value of the car to be the cost of the operation, as the automatic transmission is either worth a new purchase or specialists undertake millions to renovate, remove and install which also not a few hours of work. In terms of economy, the price and repairability of mechanical transmissions is far better than that of automatic transmissions, and unfortunately this remains so for some time to come. An interesting phenomenon with automatic transmission cars is that when the automatic transmission is nearing the end of its life, the price of these cars will drop and they will be much cheaper to buy than their mechanical transmission counterparts.

This is probably because automatic transmission refurbishment comes at a very peppery price and that’s why they don’t like to buy second-hand copies that are nearing the time of major service for the transmission. Mechanical transmission cars are also loved and used by a lot of people, obviously anyone who has learned to drive an automatic transmission car no longer wants to get used to the mechanical one, but there is a big fan base of traditional transmission cars. Due to the price-value ratio, our car rental company prefers more affordable and better-maintained mechanical-shift cars, and primarily such vehicles can be rented from us for both short and long-term prices. We pay attention to the maintenance of all rental cars, as it is in our common interest that the rental is smooth and that the person renting the vehicle also has a good experience when using our cars. If you have any requests or questions about our mechanical transmission cars, please contact us so we can help.